The Grace Notes All-Star Jazz Ensemble, which has been playing at community events sponsored by Senoir Partners, featuring Bruce Frazier on trumpet, Frazier's father, bassist John Frazier, and several of the elder Frazier's comtemporaries.

Austin Mitchell, now a church organist and full-time musician most of his life, plays piano for the group. Art Daniels, a musician and arranger who frequently commutes to New York for gigs, plays tenor sax. Vincent Rutland, a percussionist, happily sit in. Dottie Smith, an old friend of Mitchell's performing vocals, makes the group complete.

Frazier says the group's regulars "all have the same positive attitude", and most are still active musically outside of the group.

Bruce Frazier, who himself has been playing for 38 years, says his dad ran a number of professional groups in the 50's and 60's. There were a lot of musicians in his dad's circle, and he always wanted to be a part of it. "My father tried to keep me out of music", Frazier says, "but I eventually rebelled."


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